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Title: Fragments
Author: shadowsong26
Rating: R
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, Jody, Nick, Amara, Metatron, Cas, Claire,
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Pairing: Jody/Nick (background)
Warnings: Character death, discussion of possession and its aftermath, murder and torture and abuse, one character makes a suicidal gesture at one point.
Summary: In an attempt to talk Sam out of seeking Lucifer’s help with the Darkness, Dean tracks down the next best thing on Earth--Nick. As it turns out, he’s closer than they think, and the trace of Grace left in him when he was dispossessed may be vital to defeating the Darkness. Unfortunately, Sam and Dean are not the only ones chasing Archangel fragments, and at least one other person on the trail seems willing to kill Nick to get what they need...
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of their respective creators.
Notes: A near-canon AU, breaking off somewhere around 11x07/11x08ish (i.e., after Sam tells Dean where he believes his visions are directing him but before he actually goes to the Cage). Many thanks to a_timeforpeace and loveyoulikesin8 for their help and advice, and to liliaeth for the amazing artwork, and to my ever-patient roommates for putting up with my babbling.
Special Note on Dating: As with most of my fic, I will be including the two skipped years (between S5/S6 and S7/S8) with regard to any timelining/date information. I have also relied on hells_half_acre’s timeline to calculate the length and timeline of referenced past events.

Art post here!
A PDF version of the story can be found here.
And it's now up on Ao3.

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